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As two queer men growing up in a very troubled Belfast, we found our experience of male identity very contrasting to what we saw around us. Boys Like Us is a personal insight into our version of male. Using our expertise of circus technicality alongside our closeknit companionship, we expand upon the traditional ideals of male friendship in order to expand and show there is more than the binary.


"Why don't men hold each other's hands? Holding someone's hand is a sign of care and

affection, like a mother to a child or husband to a wife, and yet why don't I see men holding

each other's hands? At what age along childhood do

boys stop holding each other's hands? At what point does it become not okay? At what point

does holding hands become socially unacceptable?Somehow it shows femininity, queerness, WEAKNESS.


And yet, we hold hands.

We are not a romantic couple.

We are not romantically together,

We are best friends.

We hold hands."

A tentative waltz between two male performers, “Boys, like us” addresses the physical characteristics presumed of males and aspects of habitual binary conditioning. This project is an ambitious insight to their individual experiences as men explored through an introspective narrative with an immersive display of physicality through circus disciplines.

Currently pursuing residencies


Selected for the Island Connects Program

Residencies :

08/2021 - Irish Aerial Creation Centre, Limerick (IE)

09/2021 - This is a Domino Project, Zagreb (HZ)

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