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Growing up in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Christopher stumbled upon circus arts from age 12 at Circusful, formerly Belfast Community Circus School. Having spent his life developing an array of techniques, he has chosen to specialise his recent years upon dance trapeze and partner acrobatics.



About Me

Since graduating in June 2020 from Codarts University Rotterdam with a Bachelor in Circus Arts, Christopher has spent the past few years refining his approach to performance.  His contemporary work touches upon human emotion, vulnerability and identity, seeking authenticity with all created,. His graduation act OMI±POLONE (one of the few selected as laureate of the BNG Circusprijs 2020) touched upon his identity as a queer male and his acceptance of his natural femininity. This has sparked his research into who and what he is on stage, and how this can be shown. 

Currently based between Netherlands and Northern Ireland and touring EXIT by Circumstances. 

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