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EXIT shows the meeting of four individuals walking one collective path. In a big, impressive installation with a revolving wall and floating doors, they move in and through space. They propel each other, walk, collide, climb, carry, balance and transform. They arrive and depart, meet and leave, appear and disappear. As people, we are always on the go, but what if you can never arrive home anywhere? And what about the tension between the individual and the group? In their quest for independence, they need each other more than ever. They balance each other out, but also bring each other out of balance. A flirt with risk

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Photos : Jona Harnischmacher



Concept, choreography: Piet Van Dycke

Performers: Christopher Mc Auley, Luuk Brantjes, Samuel Rhyner en Will Blenkin

Music: Bastiaan van Vuuren/Bastian Benjamin

Dramaturgy: Marie Peeters

Installation: Arjan Kruidhof en Arjen Schoneveld

Scenographic support: Menno Boerdam

Technique: Casper Van Overschee

Research: Bavo De Smedt, Marius Cavin en Raff Pringuet

Coproduction: Festival Circolo, DansBrabant, Theater op de Markt-Dommelhof, HET LAB Hasselt, circ’uit, Miramiro, Cirklabo

With support of: PLAN, Stad Leuven, Grensverleggers/deBuren

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