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Just Don’t.
It may look adorable, but you know full well that touching that dog will have you ripping the arms off yourself. Remember the allergic reaction you took from the chipmunk in that park up West Belfast? Ironically it was called “Itchy”, because it left you in shreds. Don’t do it.
It’s just not worth it.


Meet Christopher – aerialist, acrobat and avid scratcher. A lover and connoisseur of moisturisers. A recovering eczema sufferer. He has his life together. Does he still scratch? Of course! Having eczema

doesn’t bother him that much anymore, so long as he keeps to a few rules.

Moisturise, when necessary. Eat lots of oily food. Swim in the sea. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine. – or label it as medicinal, get off my back Dr Wells. No touching animals ever. Stay away from stress, sorry Mum. Vacuum yesterday’s dust as soon as you wake. Wear your best smile. Don’t compare. Embrace the dry patches and when you can’t—wear long sleeves. But most important of all: accept the fact you will look this way for the rest of your life.

Using a blend of aerial, acrobatics, light projections, and comedy, Christopher touches on the need to accept a visible difference. Shedding light on eczema and the world of skin issues, he delves into the human condition. The ability to accept and move on, but also the moments where carrying that weight can become too much. With the old Irish trait of “sure we’ll be alright in the morning,” he uses his comedy as a tool to get deeper to the root of the issue, believing that through giving space to laughter, lightness and care, we can soothe the pain and resolve the sadness.

Premiere November 2024


Research funded by Arts Council Ireland - Bursary award

Supported by Corpo Rotterdam, Irish Aerial Creation Centre, Arts Council Ireland, Circusful

Produced by Circusful

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