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The Skin       You're In Working title

The constant itch from within. Moisturiser. Red scales and weeping skin. Total lack of control over your body. Moisturiser. Painful showers. Blooded bedsheets. Moisturiser. Creams that make your skin worse if you stop. Moisturiser. Long sleeve shirts. Moisturiser. Acting like it's not there.


THE SKIN YOU’RE IN is a new collaborative art project, creation beginning Spring 2022. Using trapeze and acrobatic techniques blended alongside videography/projection work to bring a voice to those with skin conditions, I use my personal experience of accepting my atopic eczema to touch upon identity, acceptance, and the beauty of ageing.


Atopic eczema has been a part of my life since birth and hasn’t been easy to accept. From hospitalisation and a multitude of creams and ointments, certain things react drastically to my skin. I will use my personal experience to facilitate an immersive performance allowing space for personal reflection. All races, genders, ages, or creed. The beauty of skin and how the texture unites all.

Currently pursuing residencies