Christopher Mc Auley, 28 years old, 169cm tall and weighing a whopping 53kg, began his circus adventures in Northern Ireland through a social circus project. From a young age he found his home in the air, through aerial or flying on other people, however soon realised that trapeze had the most bearable pain of all. Having devoted 4 years to dangling in the air, Christopher has graduated Codarts University, Rotterdam and begun his search for good rigging points. Since graduating, he has been nominated for the BNG Circusprijs with his graduation act OMI±POLONE and is ready to show you all.


Lover of all things nerdy and absurd, he likes to incorporate his queer identity into his work in an array of styles. Having worked internationally on a variety of creative projects showcased in solo and group performances, Christopher is ready for his next adventure. Where will it be?






During my last graduation group performance of Codarts Circus Arts Rotterdam I was asked by our Director to wear a dress in my solo scene. This dress gave my body so much input; it had its own movements, textures and encouraged my body to move in new ways, and yet I found myself ashamed to wear it. I found myself nervous to try the dress on in public, afraid of public opinion and judgement. It highlighted a deep shame in my sexuality, a feeling I thought I had worked on. I had grown up terrified of being feminine, somehow accepting myself for being gay but afraid of being “too gay”. And so, thanks to the dress I found shame, and thanks to the creation this act I found my shamelessness.


This act follows my personal story of self-identity and pride. It addresses internal shame, and approaches the struggles of self-acceptance and pressure felt by LGBT individuals. It touches upon the idea of transformation, the ability to find one’s own strength to express and accept who/what they are. Omi±Polone speaks to us about human nature and its need for security and safety, sometimes hiding behind a mask to ‘blend in’ or be accepted. It follows one man’s journey of denial and fear, and then experiencing true pride in one's identity.



A sense of childlike wonder and playfulness using trapeze as a tool to express. Through embracing your inner fool, freedom and joy will all fall into place. 

Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.



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Northern Ireland & Netherlands based

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